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 [PhotoShop] Design a Hand Drawn Wordpress style Website Header

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Final Image Preview:

Take a look at the image we’ll be creating.You may click the image for a bigger preview!
Materials needed:

Daniel font
Mia`s Scribbling font
Roughage font
Grayscale Paper pattern
Handycons-social icons
Social icons hand drawned

First step:Setting up the workspace:

First step is to set up the workspace.For this,create a new file of 1260×300px:

Step 2:Creating the brush

Now I`m gonna show you how to create a V brush to create the VVVVV effect that you may see in the final image.Create a new document of 100×100px and add a vertical and an horizontal guide at 50px,like in the image.

select the Line Tool,set the weight to 10px and create a “V” symbol by
adding 2 stripes,under the horizontal guide.With the Crop Tool(C),
select only the “V” symbol,like in the picture:

To create a brush from this image,go do Edit->Define Brush Preset,choose a name and hit “OK”.

You should have now the brush in your Brush Preset Picker.

Step 3

Let`s add some options to the brush we`ve just created.Select brushes,choose our brush and add the next settings:

Step 4:

paint an horizontal line with the new brush ,but be sure that above the
line you`ll have at least 200px for the header content.To make a
perfect line,hold SHIFT key while you paint.

Step 5:

Fill the top area with the same color used when you painted the line.Mine was red.

Step 6:

the Paper pattern,install it by adding it to the Presets->Patterns
folder.You may find the folder where you have Photoshop installed.Step 7:

Double click the header layer and add the next blending options:

Ok!What we have until now:We have a piece of paper style header sitting on an apricot color background.

Step 8:

select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle with the height of
40px.The width should be the same with the width of the entire
page(aprox 1300px).Fill it with a gray to black gradient and low the opacity of the layer to 50%.

Step 9:

Now draw 2 lines at the bottom of the top shape.One gray and the other white,to create an effect of depth.

Step 10:

Add two vertical guides,one at 150px and the other at 1110px(150+960),because we want to have a content space of 960px wide.

Step 11:Creating the logo

the Roughage font and write some text to create a logo.I wrote
“OurTuts”.Give it a linear soft gradient from black to dark gray to
make it more interesting.

Download the Mia`s Scribbling font and write again some smaller text under the big text,to finish the logo!

Step 12:

Now download the two social icons packs and add the 48×48px icons to the main project.

Write some suggestive text,like “Spread the word” or “Show us your love” or do like me:write “Tell them about me!”

Step 13:

Let`s create the top header navigation!Download the Daniel font and create some buttons above the logo.Let`s start with “Home”:Type “Home” with white and under draw a white line.

Select the line layer and go to Filter->Liquify,select a big brush size and bend the line like in the image:

The button looks more artistic:

Step 14:

Create some more buttons using the same way.

At the middle,type “Categories:” and add a down-arrow from the custom shapes.

Final step:

final step is to add a subscribe area in the top-right zone of the
project.For this,type “Subscribe:” and add from the icons sets,the mail
and the RSS icons.

The Final Image:

If you followed all the steps,the final image should looks like the next one.You may click the image for a bigger preview!

That`s all,my friends!I hope you liked it and if is so,don`t hesitate to
comment it! And if you want to stay closer,please subscribe to our RSS
feed.Feel free to stumble,tweet or digg the tutorial!If you`re reading this line,it means that you watched the tutorial and I must thank you for your effort!Have a great day!
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[PhotoShop] Design a Hand Drawn Wordpress style Website Header

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